Warning Symptoms / Signs of Cancer

Disease frequently has no particular side effects, so it is significant that individuals limit their hazard factors and experience suitable malignant growth screening. Thus, People need to know which sign of cancer may point to cancer disease. Individuals ought not to overlook any warning symptoms of cancer that may prompt early detection of cancer and conceivably to a fix.

1. A new lump/bump anywhere in the body especially if it is painless and is growing

2. Abnormal bleeding

  • Excessive bleeding during periods or bleeding between periods or after intercourse
  • Blood in stool, urine, sputum or vomit

3. Difficulty in swallowing or painful swallowing in absence of throat infection

4. Change in bowel habits – type of stool, frequency of stool

5. Change in the urinary habit – increased frequency, thin stream, straining while passing, blood in urine, difficulty in the beginning, feeling of incomplete evacuation

6. Unexplained cough lasting for more than 3 weeks in spite of treatment

7. Hoarseness in voice lasting for more than 3 weeks in spite of treatment

8. An ulcer that is not healing (e.g. mouth ulcer)

9. A mole that is changing color (usually gets darker), starts to itch or bleeds.

10. Long-standing dyspepsia (excessive gas/acidity symptoms)

11. Unexplained weight or appetite loss.

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Please remember, all these warning signs and symptoms can also be because of benign (non-cancerous) diseases. Nonetheless, they need to be investigated to find and treat the cause.

Dr Vedant Kabra
Head, Department of Surgical Oncology
Manipal Hospitals Dwarka, New Delhi