Cancer Awareness

Cancer is a disease that is constantly on the rise in our modern world. It is a disease that plagues millions of families all over the world and takes the young, old, rich and poor all the same. There are different forms of cancer and one that is on the rise at an alarming rate is breast cancer. It is a global disease but it seems to be a particularly troubling crisis in India with a sudden surge in the number of younger age groups being affected.

Cancers that affect the younger age group tend to be quiet aggressive in their development. A lot of these patients approach the doctors too late and it is very hard to help them at the last stages. This issue of late diagnosis of the disease is mainly due to a lack of awareness about the disease and its potential dangers. Apart from this, the numbers of screening facilities are limited unlike the West where most cases are reported on time.

While it is important to spread awareness about the disease, it is equally important to discuss groundbreaking technologies that have changed the process of diagnosis and treatment to save lives of so many individuals.

Technology is constantly improving in order to be able to battle such fatal diseases and one such breakthrough in modern science is the introduction of the Hologic Selenia Dimensions mammography system for 3D Tomosynthesis. Read more…


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