Who is a Cancer Specialist?

A cancer specialist is a qualified doctor who focuses on diagnosing and treating people affected by cancer. A cancer specialist will do thorough investigations by radiologic scans and biopsy in most cases to arrive at a proper diagnosis. Based on the type and stage of cancer, appropriate treatment plan would be designed for individual patients taking into account his / her physical health and preference for a particular type of treatment. Since most cancers are treated with more than one type of therapy, involvement of and coordination between different specialties (surgical oncology, medical oncology, radiation oncology, radiology, pathology etc.) is required to provide the best possible treatment. Another important role of a cancer specialist is cancer prevention and health promotion.

About Dr. Kabra

Dr. Vedant Kabra
Principal Director
Department of Surgical Oncology
Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurgaon,
Fortis Healthcare, Delhi-NCR hospitals of Fortis Healthcare

He, along with his team, would cover Gurgaon and Delhi-NCR hospitals of Fortis to deliver comprehensive cancer care for cancers of Breast, Gastro-intestinal tract, Head & Neck, Gyne & Genitourinary system, Skin, Soft tissues, Bones, Lungs and Mediastinum with emphasis on organ conservation and quality of life utilising techniques like Sentinel node biopsy, Breast Conservation & Oncoplasty, Minimally Invasive / Robotic Surgery, HIPEC, Limb salvage surgery etc. To promote holistic health / cancer prevention, spread cancer awareness and help in early detection of cancer and develop Fortis Cancer Institute in NCR region. He received Surgical Oncology training from Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai and National Cancer Centre, Singapore, is having experience of over 12000 cancer surgeries and has successfully performed various complex oncosurgical procedures. He has been a faculty at various international and national conferences, has numerous papers and four book chapters to his credit apart from various awards for academic excellence. Dr Kabra is also a tutor for the Indo-British Breast Oncoplasty Fellowship course conducted by University of East Anglia, UK

He is passionate about spreading Cancer awareness – regularly conducts awareness and self examination sessions. He has sensitised thousands of police officers and officers from Education department for strict implementation of tobacco control measures. Know more about his Professional achievements.

Our Services

Cancer Prevention

Prevention is always better than cure. Fortunately, several cancers are largely preventable by adopting healthy lifestyle and habits. We provide counselling and tips for cancer prevention.

Early Detection (Screening)

Cancers detected at an early stage need lesser intensity treatment, cause minimum side-effects, incur less expenses and result in higher cure rates. Screening for certain cancers help in their early detection.

Cancer Treatment

Modern cancer treatment lays emphasis on mutli-disciplinary management, organ conservation, minimally invasive surgery and preservation of or improvement in quality of life.

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More Services

Treatment of Cancer with emphasis on Organ Preservation & Reconstruction

Traditionally, cancer has been equated with mutilating surgeries and organ and / or function loss. However, modern day cancer surgery allows us to preserve or restore organ structure and / or function in a significant number of our patients. Breast conservation gives not only equal survival as compared to a complete removal of breast but also enhances quality of life. Similarly, efforts to conserve other organs like larynx (voice box), normal rectal passage, fertility preservation have given a new lease of life to our patients

Genetic Counseling and Testing

Developments in cancer research has led to discovery of many genes, alterations in which can make an individual much more susceptible to certain type of cancers e.g. breast, colorectal, prostate etc. Ongoing research is also trying to identify targeted medicines for specific genetic abnormalities (precision medicine). Although heredity accounts for only 5-10 percent of all cancers, it is important to identify this small group to offer them more intensive screening or preventive measures.

Robotic Surgery

Robotic surgery enables more precise dissection in difficult to access areas by providing better manoeuvrability and magnification as compared to laparoscopy. 3D vision and certain other in-built technologies lets the surgeon see and preserve vessels and nerves more accurately. It is helpful in certain cancers like colorectal, uterine, prostate, bladder, oesophagus etc.

Rehabilitation Services

Cancer treatment could, at times, lead to significant functional and structural abnormalities. This, in turn, may cause social, psychological and financial issues. Holistic cancer treatment also includes adequate or maximum possible rehabilitation that helps in overcoming disability and re-integrating with society.

Best Oncologist in India


THANK YOU Doctor for making my MOM Fit and Fine…!

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Ruby Agarwal

Dear Dr. Kabra,

Just to Say a Big THANK YOU for all care got from you and your team during and after the Surgery.

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Snimer Sahni

My earnest appreciation for & best wishes to Dr. Vedant Kabra, who had not only treated my Cancer disease but also treated me emotionally to come out from fear/phobia of Cancer.

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Rakesh Mohan Jakhwal

My name is Pielina Lamba, I come from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. I visited Fortis Memorial Hospital in October 2016. I had a problem with a Tumor in my lower abdomen.

I would highly recommend Dr. Vedant Kabra to any patients that need a caring, professional opinion and treatment.

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Pielina Lamba

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