Sanskriti Agarwal, Daughter of Ruby Agarwal
Sejal Jain, Daughter of Anita Jain
Nivedita & Nitin Dey

Brijbala Gupta

Hi Dr Vedant

I would like to express my gratitude to you for everything.As a surgeon you r the best and most sincere doctor I have ever seen in my life .me ,my mother and my whole family is really thankful to you from the core of my heart for the successful onco surgery done by you on my mother in 2014 . You have counsel and guided us throughout the duration we were in hospital and later on follow ups were also sincerely attended.
I would like to recommend everyone who is looking for genuine and honest oncosurgeon in Gurgaon and NCR must visit Dr Vedant Kabra.
Again thanks and may God always bless u.

Dr Garima.

My earnest appreciation for & best wishes to Dr. Vedant Kabra, who had not only treated my Cancer disease but also treated me emotionally to come out from fear / phobia of Cancer. I remember the day when first I met him in the year 2014 & he had diagnosed me with Cancer disease & that was a shocking moment for me & my family. Dr. Vedant calmly explained about disease to allay my anxiety and fear. Then, in his soft-spoken voice, asked me to relax as things will be alright shortly. This gave me strength & that’s what exactly happened in my life. Now I am fully fine & enjoying my life. He always encourages patients to be strong to fight with Cancer disease. I appreciate Dr. Vedant for having such a great knowledge & experience for dealing with Cancer & also for his efforts on spreading awareness in our society about the causes of Cancer so that people adopt healthy lifestyle and prevent cancer.

I wish Dr. Vedant to have great life ahead & best of luck for his future endeavours.

Best Regards
Mr. Rakesh Mohan Jakhwal

Thanks! Thank you !!! I am very grateful to my Indian best doctor in the world. Of course, he deserves such gratitude, because he, of course, brought me back to life. I can talk about it more and more endlessly. In the early days I went to India to Fortis Hospital. And my doctor Vedant Kabra politely greeted me, with him was his assistant, they both examined me and, after studying my sore spot (I was diagnosed with breast cancer on the left side), he promised me to my nephew and, of course, was with us Together the Indian translator Rupendr, my doctor Vedant Kabra gave 98% for the operation, and the guarantee for my health and I thanks to him was not a disabled but a healthy woman. And he kept his word. Since then, I consider him the best doctor in the world. I heard from other patients and about him, and they also always told Vedant Kabra the best doctor. And he was up to me, helping a lot of patients with his golden hands. I saw many patients from him, they came from Uzbekistan from Africa from Afghanistan from Saudi Arabia, and he repeatedly visited my country. And, most importantly, every year I check my health with my doctor Vedant Kabra in India, now I completely trust him to test my health.

Ms Ozoda, Tashkent, Uzbekistan – Treated for breast cancer

Dear Dr. Kabra,

Thanks again for your time write Neena’s regular yearly check-up.

We are fortunate to be associated with you and thank Almighty God for getting us connected to you during our tough time when Neena was diagnosed with CA in 2007.

With your apt guidance and support, a successful surgery and continuous follow-up during all these years, Neena is doing good.
It’s God’s grace and your continued guidance that’s keeping us going.

Thank You !!
You are a God sent Angel.
Regards Always
Mr. & Mrs. Ajay and Neena Ahuja

I am indeed very fortunate to have Dr Kabra, as my surgeon oncologist. Being under his personalised care, before and after surgery…exceeds expectations. 

I would l like to thank you very much for your care, kindness and extreme PATIENCE… Dr.Kabra’s communicative style is extremely supportive and he’s an excellent listener…His surgical skills are PAR EXCELLENCE!
He doesn’t just share medical knowledge but also motivates his patients in self healing.Hope all doctors can follow his exquisite example and treat the Whole patient, and not just the cancer… Because of his guidance and reassurance… me and my family were able to cope so much better …
Mrs. Ashima chug, Jalandhar

The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world but the hand that heals the world, rules the hearts…

When I first met Dr Vedant Kabra, I was a distraught young woman traumatised by the C word and looking for a doctor for my mother. Little did I know that a meeting with him would thankfully timely end my search. The very first meeting with him made us take a decision. He was gentle but confident firm but reassuring and clearly  demarcated between fears and finding solutions, between dos and don’ts, and between, most importantly, what will change and what will not. Life, of course, never remains the same post cancer – for the patient as much for the family.

And since then it has been a long time of knowing him at every step. Fearing his logical concern for his patient, learning to cope up with his high demands for the care of his patient, living upto his expectations of looking after his patient at home and so on. For him, the patient is his ONLY concern. And that makes him stand apart in the medical fraternity. And he listens and patiently answers – your every fear, every reasoning, every logical-illogical question, your repetitive anxiety – is all taken care of by him. Dr Vedant Kabra, as I know him, is not just one of the best doctors but a fine human being – a quality that is the first requirement for being a doctor. 

This one is for all his patients –

Dr Deepa Gupta, Journalist/Writer

In Oct 2015 a routine blood test showed that my haemoglobin was dangerously low. A colonoscopy and biopsy confirmed what I most dreaded – Colon Cancer!

Dr. Kabra was highly recommended by several well wishers and from the first meeting it was apparent why. He was calm and gentle yet confident. He explained the disease and suggested procedure in great detail and I felt reassured immediately. The surgery went flawlessly and Dr. Kabra went out of his way afterwards to follow up on every front. He was available day and night not just to me but also to my worried family and everyone always felt better after talking to him. There is no doubting his medical prowess and professionalism but what I enjoyed most was his sense of humor and easygoing personality which helped speed my recovery. I was in and out of Fortis in five days and traveling overseas in just 3 weeks. Its been almost 2 years since my initial diagnosis and I’ve never felt better. My family and I will be eternally grateful to Dr. Kabra for helping us through this challenging time.

Mr. Bhupinder Singh

I met Dr. Kabra in 2014 as a patient of cancer. After going through severe pain in abdomen for last one year I was operated in my city. The Ileotranserve Anastomosis was done but carcinoma ascending colon was not resected. I was referred to Dr. Kabra and he turn out to be a God to me. My definitive surgery was done under his oncology team and I was given a new life. After suffering all those post operative pains and going through my eight chemotharapy cycles I’ve been surviving pretty well. I still be in touch with Dr. Kabra, always visit him after a definite span of time and take all required precautions and medicines as he advises.

Mr. Pawan Kr. Kashyap, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

Dear Dr. Kabra,


“I have been under the treatment and follow-up care of Dr. Vedant Kabra since December 2015, when I was diagnosed with an endometrial carcinoma.  I have found him to be a thorough and competent professional before, during and after the surgery that I had to undergo.  During my hospital stay, I appreciated that he and his team visited daily and were very attentive to the patient’s concerns and needs.  He is a doctor in the true sense of being caring of the patient’s well-being, and has continued to encourage me during my follow-up visits.”
Mrs. Snimer K. Sahni

Dear Dr. Kabra

When I came to know about my disease, I was completely shattered and torn. Dr Vedant Kabra has been the pillar of strength. Probably the best surgeon I could ask for. He is the epitome of positivity and strength. Because of his support, I could muster the courage to fight back. With him being in charge, the treatment became very organized and flawless. He is very competent and meticulous surgeon. I am truly grateful to God that I met Dr Kabra who turned out to be the best oncology surgeon of our times. I am sincerely thankful to him and pray to God that he continues to be the strength and courage for patients like me. May God bless him with lots of success and happiness in life. He is really doing a very good job for the society and the country.

Thank you so much.

Mrs. Kind regards, Jaya Kohli

Mrs. Roopa Vasudeva

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